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A.I is revolutionizing the way finance teams are operating.. Become a part of ChatFin’s Solutions Partner Program and evolve into an AI-enhanced services organization.

What is ChatFin’s ‍

Solutions Partner Program?

Our program is tailored to equip service providers, consultancies and  Implementation partners with the capability to seamlessly incorporate ChatFin’s AI assistance into their client’s finance and accounting operations, enhancing their ability to deliver superior financial outcomes to their clients more efficiently.

Our partner program contains world class service providers, including

Become a more efficient, results-driven service provider with ChatFin

Unlock new revenue stream

Unlock new revenue streams by leveraging ChatFin’s unique value proposition for financ teams

Earn commissions

Earn commissions by partnering with ChatFin to bring cutting-edge AI financial tools to more teams and sectors.

Differentiate from the competition

Differentiate from your competition by adopting ChatFin’s unique AI-driven capabilities, enhancing your clients financial accuracy and efficiency.

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AI assistant built specifically for finance functions such as controllers, FP&A, Treasury and tax.



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