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Technology partner program?

This technology partner program provides any finance application to have the features of ChatFin. Our technology team will help you in embedding A.I to your application.

Prioritize your product features: we will take care of A.I

Prioritize your Product features: We will take care of AI

ChatFin is trusted by numerous finance teams to streamline their operations. We are eager to share our insights to help you integrate AI capabilities into your product.

Partner with finance A.I pioneer

Partner with ChatFin, the AI pioneer for finance teams, to accelerate your go-to-market strategy securely and swiftly.

Faster GTM

Choose ChatFin, for faster, secure deployment and streamlined market entry.

Secure and faster

Accelerate your client’s financial operations securely with ChatFin

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AI assistant built specifically for finance functions such as controllers, FP&A, Treasury and tax.



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