Bringing AI to Finance process

ChatFin is an innovative AI assistant designed specifically to empower finance teams by enhancing their efficiency, accuracy, and decision-making capabilities. Streamlining month-end processes to providing deep analytics, ChatFin ensures your finance function is more productive and agile.

How ChatFin Works

ChatFin integrates seamlessly with your existing financial infrastructure, using cutting-edge Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand and execute complex financial queries in everyday language. Users can interact with ChatFin as easily as having a conversation on familiar messaging platforms like Slack or Microsoft Teams.

What Sets Us Apart

Platform Agnostic

Works across various financial ERPs and data warehouses without being confined to specific software environments breaking down data silos.

Reliable AI Output

With advanced algorithms and continuous data validation, ChatFin delivers highly accurate outputs, enabling teams to make critical decisions.

Enhanced Security

Data security is a top priority, with robust encryption and compliance protocols in place to protect sensitive financial information.

Plug & Play Integration

Easy integration with minimal setup time and technical support is made possible through ChatFin’s plug-and-play capabilities.


Cloud Flexible Deployment

Opt for on-premise or cloud-based deployment to best suit your organizational needs and ensure optimal performance.

Self-Learning AI

ChatFin’s AI continuously learns and improves from each interaction, tailoring its functionality to better meet the evolving needs of your finance team.


Efficiency Gains

AI-driven process automation significantly reduces manual tasks, freeing up your team for strategic activities.

Faster Close

Accelerate your financial close processes, ensuring reports are timely and reflect the true financial position.

Better Analysis

Gain deeper insights with AI-powered analysis to support more informed decision-making.

Experiance the Future

Don’t get left behind in the AI race. Discover how ChatFin can transform your finance function.

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AI assistant built specifically for finance functions such as controllers, FP&A, Treasury and tax.



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